Perfect Pour Over Coffee - 4 Easy Steps

Perfect Pour Over Coffee - 4 Easy Steps

Pour over coffee can be as simple or complicated as you'd like to make it. We're no coffee snobs, but we do drink A LOT of pour over coffee here at Barista Warrior and we've spent a lot of time in the Coffee Lab perfecting this pour over method. This brewing method works with any type of coffee you prefer dark roast or light roasts.

You can make the perfect cup of pour over coffee in just 4 steps, plus 2 additional pro tips for you home baristas who love the perfect cup of coffee! 

Pro Tip: Don't hesitate to make adjustments and tweaks to match the coffee beans your brewing and your preferred tastes!

This brew method was adapted from James Hoffman's Ultimate V60 Method. We pulled out the best of his technique and simplified it to make it easier to repeat and more foolproof. By simplifying it, it's easier to make the brewing method more consistent as well, which means you can easily learn the steps and repeat them over and over again for a consistent and perfect cup of coffee.

Let's jump into the supplies you'll need and get started!

Perfect Pour Over Supplies

Pour Over Coffee Equipment

Gooseneck Kettle with thermometer

Digital Scale

Reusable Coffee Filter

Coffee Beans

Pour Over Coffee Carafe (or coffee dripper)

Let's Make Amazing Pour Over Coffee!

If you don't have everything in the list above, don't worry. You can get by with hot water (198 - 205 degrees fahrenheit), coffee grinds (medium course), filter, and a coffee cup. Each step will outline how to get the job done even if you don't have all the equipment. 

Keep in mind the best pour over water to coffee ratio is 16:1. So for every 1g (gram) of coffee you want to add 16g of water.

1. Medium Grind

First, make sure you purchase high quality and freshly roasted (within 5 days from roasting time) coffee beans. If you're using subpar or stale coffee beans - well you know what they say, garbage in, garbage out. 

Medium grind your coffee beans. A finer grind makes strong coffee, while a coarse grind produces milder coffee. If you're grinding your beans, be careful not to overdo it. Too much grinding can damage your beans and reduce their ability to release flavors.

Burr grinders produce a much more consistent coffee grind over blade grinders, and are worth the investment. In fact, grind consistency is the key to going from good coffee to great coffee, whether your preferred brewing method is pour over or french press, the grind is a critical component.

I use a Bodum burr auto grinder which has a convenient pour over setting, however I've found the best cup of coffee comes from a medium-fine grind, just a little bit courser than the pour over setting.

Bodum coffee grinder pour over setting

After grinding, pour the ground coffee into the coffee filter, then give the filter a tap to even out the grinds. 

Pro Tip: Create a well in the middle of the grounds with a spoon or your finger. This is going to make sure the coffee is getting evenly saturated with water as you pour, ensuring you get the best possible bloom (and flavor) out of your coffee beans.

make well in coffee grounds for pour over

2. First Pour

  • Heat the temperature of the water up in your gooseneck kettle between 198 - 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tare your scale to zero it out.
  • If there is a timer on the scale, start it to time your pour.  
  • Start by pouring the water in the center of the grounds and work out in overlapping circles. Keep a steady water flow during this initial pour. Make sure you get all the coffee grounds wet. 
  • Pour about 60 grams of water.

Pour over coffee concentric circles

3. Swirl & Bloom

  • Grab your carafe and start swirling it in a circular motion. This will agitate the coffee grounds and ensure they mix well with the water more evenly. This step ensures you maximize the bloom and flavor extraction from your beans. You'll start to see little bubbles of carbon dioxide being released, this is good! 
  • Let it sit and bloom and brew for 30 - 45 seconds.
coffee pour over swirl

4. Second Pour

  • Grab your kettle again and start your second pour. Again, pour the water over the coffee grinds in overlapping concentric circles to ensure you get an even mix of water and coffee. 
  • Your goal is to pour the remaining water (roughly 300 grams) into the filter within about 1 minute and 15 seconds for optimal brew time.

Pro Tip:

  • Stir - Grab a spoon and stir the coffee grounds gently in one direction then in the other direction. This distributes any grounds stuck to the side down and into the main coffee bed. 
  • Swirl - Grab the carafe and swirl one last time to even out the grounds and ensure you get the best possible extraction and the perfect cup of pour over coffee! 

Stir and swirl pour over coffee

Once the last drop of delicious coffee has dripped into your carafe you're done! 

Serve & Enjoy Your Perfect Pour Over Coffee!

Enjoy Barista Warrior Perfect Pour Over Coffee