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Los Angeles, CA


Obsessed with the Barista Warrior French Press. The quality is amazing and it makes delicious coffee. It's now my favorite thing in my kitchen. 


The best cup of coffee I can brew at home! This kettle is a must have tool for pour over coffee brewing.

Gabriel C.

The kettle feels durable and has an accurate temperature sensor, but the winning feature for me is still the excellent spout. Highly recommend!


This is the most rugged feeling French press I’ve ever used.  The stainless steel press looks nice in my kitchen, works well as an insulator, and won’t break or crack on a clumsy Monday morning. 

Erin B.

I wish I found this French Press way earlier. I'm always stoked about waking up in the morning to make coffee with this French Press.


Method Matters.

The equipment you use to brew matters. We empower you with the quality equipment you need to revive your morning ritual. 

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"It saves paper, it saves money (the upfront cost evens out over time), and it saves me from googling “what can I use instead of a coffee filter?"

Precise Pour, Convenient Experience.

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Quality Equipment, Aromatic Coffee.

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