Top 5 Hacks for a Clean Coffee Maker

Top 5 Hacks for a Clean Coffee Maker

It's no secret that coffee makers are some of the most used household appliances. Thousands of models are manufactured worldwide with various functions, designs, and styles to prepare this popular drink. But lots of use makes for one dirty coffee maker.  And the maintenance for these can be tricky. With these top five hacks for a clean coffee maker, you will be able to improve your coffee routine and keep your kitchen looking chic.

Why do you need a clean coffee maker?

A clean coffee maker can be the difference between a trendy coffee station and a kitchen counter eyesore. The pristine, polished look it can possess is often sought after, but why?

Here are some reasons that could make you want to have a clean coffee maker:

  • Safety. It keeps the electrical system of your coffee maker in good condition.
  • Smell. Avoid foul odors in the filter area.
  • Sanitation. Eliminate kitchen grease that accumulates on the outside of that appliance.
  • Pest Control. A clean appliance can prevent insects in your kitchens, such as ants, flies, or mosquitoes.
  • Repair. Cleaning your machine will keep the wiring safe.

Cleaning a coffee maker is necessary for your safety and convenience, but it can also be a hassle. Luckily, we've got you covered.

5 Hacks for a Clean Coffee Maker

You can use various techniques to keep your coffee maker clean. Here are a couple that we suggest. 

1. Inside Care

Pour a preparation made up of equal parts of water and distilled vinegar in the water container of your coffee maker, turn it on, and repeat this procedure with cold water to rinse it. When finished, carefully dry it with a dry cloth until all moisture is removed.

2. Outside Appearance

Rub a damp cloth with lukewarm water and a neutral dishwashing liquid on the outside of your coffee maker to remove kitchen grease and other residues that accumulate. You can also clean your coffee maker with lemon juice and water, which is much like cleaning with vinegar.

To prevent your coffee maker from constantly impregnating itself with grease, it's advisable to always place this appliance on a counter away from the oven or kitchen burners.

3. Coffee Stains

Remove coffee stains that form on various surfaces of your coffee maker using baking soda, especially if the decorative style of this culinary machine is white. 

The baking soda will act as an abrasive to clean the heating plate and the inside of the carafe. You can place a small amount of baking soda on a damp cloth and carefully clean the coffee pot.

4. Empty Your Machine

Calcium plaques can form in the water container of your coffee maker, which will cause some sediment to appear. It's advisable to empty the water that is in the container. You can remove residues with neutral dishwashing soap, warm water, and a sponge. A good rinse will carry out the build-up.

5. Clean When You Can

Frequent use of your electric coffee maker is the main cause of grime inside and outside your coffee maker. Grease stains, plaque, bad odors, and brown stains are prevalent on these appliances. Any model of coffee maker will always need a simple cleaning system. Give it a quick wipe down once a day. It's encouraged to clean your coffee maker often so you don't have grease build-up or a hard day of spring cleaning.

The good hygiene of your electrical device guarantees greater durability of this appliance, in addition to the elaboration of a good coffee.

Take Care of Your Coffee Maker to Prevent Damage

Coffee rules the world as the most commercialized and consumed hot drink. The equipment for coffee preparation must always be as clean as possible. It's also advisable to teach those who use your coffee maker some basic cleaning techniques to take care of this appliance.

Pay attention to how the coffee powder is placed inside the coffee maker. Any carelessness can cause the coffee powder to accumulate, affecting its operation. An unpleasant smell of burnt coffee can worsen in your kitchen and slowly deteriorate this appliance if it is not cleaned well.

However you enjoy your coffee, don't put off cleaning your coffee maker. Keeping it clean and well maintained will ensure that you have a fresh cup of joe, day or night.

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