Cutest Coffee Storage Ideas to Match Your Kitchen

Cutest Coffee Storage Ideas to Match Your Kitchen

Storing coffee at home is one of the most common tasks. Most people just wind up keeping it in a plastic bag with an airtight seal or in a well-closed glass, ceramic, or plastic container to preserve its flavor. But let’s be honest—that’s a little boring. You want the cutest coffee storage ideas for your kitchen. 

The high demand for coffee today proves that this drink has become an essential part of our morning routine. So storing it has never been more crucial. Try adding a DIY home coffee station to make your favorite drink a permanent and visible part of your day. 

A Home Coffee Station

A Home Coffee Station

It’s an all-year-round thing—preparing cold coffee at home in the summer and hot black or coffee with creamer (or even eggnog!) in the winter. This is especially true now that people spend much of their time at home due to teleworking and online studies. 

In response to this pandemic-inspired trend, coffee stations have become a kitchen staple. A coffee station can be created in your breakfast nook, on a terrace, or even in your garden. And the set-up is similar to ones you see at bakeries or restaurants, just allowing you to enjoy that java in peace. 

Pick a small corner in your kitchen and paint those walls a relaxing shade. Stock your favorite ceramic or plastic mugs, and include a stationary, elegant coffee machine that matches your kitchen decor. This coffee storage idea gives you the harmony and warmth you need to feel at home. 

Oh, and don't forget a whimsical sign like, "This is how we brew it" or "Bean there, done that." 

Vintage Teapots for Coffee

Vintage Teapot for Coffee

Part of coffee storage is having a kettle that will keep the water hot throughout the day or night—But it doesn’t have to be “blah.” Purified water poured into a vintage kettle is a fun way to prep a cup of coffee. 

Thankfully, kettles are available online or even in your local thrift or antique store. Just make sure they maintain the necessary heat for your coffee fix. Have fun with the size and color of the teapots you pick to match your decorated kitchen. And you can use a cork to stop up the kettle lip if you’re only looking to keep your coffee stored inside. Repurpose that vintage teapot!

Some models have to remain plugged into a nearby outlet, but overall, teapots are an efficient and adorable touch.

Cold Coffee Carafes

Cold Brew Coffee Carafes

Cold brew coffee has established itself as one of the most consumed beverages in the United States, especially during the spring and summer. And with so many people drinking cold coffee at these times of the year, you’ve got to find a fun way to keep their temperature at the perfect level.

Carafes are the perfect solution. These babies are small enough to fit into fridges without taking up too much space, and they keep the temperature of the coffee steady from when first brewed. Carafes are also beautiful additions to your kitchen. They come in unique shapes and gorgeous designs, making them a tasteful gift for a loved one too.

Modern Coffee Storage Jars

Modern Coffee Storage Jars

Traditionally coffee storage containers have been one-note cans for holding coffee in your kitchen, and they just blend in. But the pots or tins you use to store coffee can significantly impact the feel of your morning coffee ritual. 

Pick an on-trend ceramic jar with rustic texture or a metal container with a raw wood top. Fashionable designs create that cozy and picturesque atmosphere anywhere in your kitchen—including countertops, shelves, or cabinets. Clay, ceramic, porcelain, or glass models are the best choices to keep coffee tasting fine. Many choose to upcycle glass jars or other tight-sealing containers in an effort to go green.

Still, these storage pieces must always remain tightly closed to preserve the quality of the ground coffee and prevent moisture or insects from entering.

You Deserve to Drink that Coffee in Style

Coffee Bar

Having a coffee station at home and the perfect barista-style tools to prepare this drink is the latest culinary trend in most homes. And don’t forget that coffee beans can be an essential ingredient in many cakes, pastry creams, and ice cream recipes. You deserve beautiful, practical, and functional equipment to store or cook your coffee. 

There are no two ways about it—this world drinks a lot of coffee. Between 2020 and 2021, at least 166.6 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee were consumed internationally. This is an increase of more than 2 million in the global consumption of this drink. Of course, this was probably boosted by the nightmare lockdown of 2020 where everyone consumed coffee just for something to do. But no matter the reason, you deserve to drink in style.  

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