Coffee History: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Favorite Beans

Coffee History: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Favorite Beans

We all need that extra something to keep us going. For most, it all boils down to a good cup of coffee in the morning. Somehow, coffee is the perfect companion whether you're sipping a Frappuccino with friends or chugging an iced coffee with two shots of espresso before that all-nighter. Let's take a dive into the exciting history of coffee, including the ten things you didn't know about your favorite coffee beans.


1. Coffee Houses Spurred the Age of Enlightenment

    Coffee Houses Spurred the Age of Enlightenment

    If you've ever felt creative while enjoying a cup at the coffee shop, you're not alone. Centuries ago, scholars and revolutionaries met at coffee houses to discuss philosophical matters. After several cups of that liquid gold, they were spilling over with enlightenment—literally. Coffee beans fueled the ideas that shaped our modern society. 


    2. Women Thought Coffee Affected Your Love Life

      Women Thought Coffee Affected Your Love Life

      In the 1600s, women were banned from coffee houses. The Women's Petition against Coffee rose in protest, spreading coffee-hating propaganda. One of their most memorable claims was that coffee made their husbands impotent because they wasted their time and energy drinking it. Apparently, the potent spell of coffee beans was stronger than love potion #9.  


      3. Coffee Wasn't Always for Kings

        Coffee Wasn't Always for Kings

        Today, there's a coffee house on every corner. But in the past, rulers actually banned the beverage for bazaar reasons (couldn't help ourselves 😂 ). In Mecca, coffee was disbanded for supposedly stimulating radical thinking. The Sultan in Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) felt that the drink was just as deplorable as alcohol. Prussia's king (in old Germany) banned coffee and promoted beer instead. His famous tagline? 'How could it possibly be bad?' 

        The Italians revolted against coffee, with clergy calling it the 'Devil's cup'. They even asked the pope to ban it. Although, in an ironic twist, the pope loved the drink so much that he baptized it, making it acceptable.


        4. The Boston Tea Party Popularized Coffee In America

          The Boston Tea Party Popularized Coffee In America

          We complain about the price of coffee today, but colonial Americans felt much stronger about the price of tea. When Britain controlled the seas, they shipped tea all over the world, including America. However, after American revolutionaries called tea unpatriotic and dumped it into the Boston harbor, coffee became the continent's favorite beverage.


          5. Excessive Coffee Drinking Can Be Harmful To Your Health

            Health Issues

            Coffee comes with no warning label because people that love the drink usually indulge in moderation. However, when you drink a few too many cups, the caffeine components of coffee can cause health problems, including death. You don't need to worry, though—to suffer serious side effects, you would need to ingest over 30 cups within a short period of time. 


             6. Coffee Grounds Are Great For Your Skin

            Coffee Grounds Are Great For Your Skin

            We live in the age of DIY culture, and beauty influencers have discovered that coffee grounds can help improve your skin. Coffee acts as an exfoliator when applied to the skin, making your look brighter and smoother. Still, the product has yet to be adopted into mainstream cosmetic brands.


            7. Coffee Is Arabia's Gift To The World

            Coffee Is Arabia's Gift To The World

            Coffee's humble origins date back to the Arabian empire. Farmers in the region cultivated the drink that was typically used in religious settings. With time, the drink became a staple in coffee houses. Trading slowly spread coffee's popularity throughout the world.


            8. Lack of Coffee Is Grounds For Divorce in Arab Culture

            Lack of Coffee is Grounds for Divorce

            We all love coffee, but in Saudi Arabia, the love for the drink goes just a notch higher. According to historical records, a 15th-century woman could demand a divorce if her husband didn't provide fresh coffee every day. Maybe coffee beans really are the secret to a happy marriage!


            9. Coffee Was Discovered By A Goat Herder

              Coffee Was Discovered By A Goat Herder

              Legend has it, the first person to discover coffee was a herder who claims he saw his goats dancing. Before that, the Coffea plant was just a normal shrub that humans didn't know what to do with. However, after a monk boiled the beans and managed to stay awake the entire night, the beverage went viral.


              10. The Most Expensive Coffee Sold for $1,029 Per Pound

              The Most Expensive Coffee Sold for $1,029 Per Pound

              Coffee is a reasonably affordable beverage, but you'll be shocked to know that people are prepared to pay more. In the Best of Panama coffee competitions of 2019, a single pound of coffee sold for over $1,029 at auction. The record-breaking coffee made history and turned Wilford Lamastus Jr. into the proudest coffee producer ever.


              Coffee's History Is Still Brewing

              We can talk forever about coffee history, but its story is rich and nowhere close to ending. Coffee brings people together, inspires creativity, and helps people relax. The world runs on coffee.


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