7 Tips to Making Amazing Pour Over Coffee

7 Tips to Making Amazing Pour Over Coffee

The pour over method is one of the fastest, simplest, and easiest ways to brew a great cup of coffee.  It is the method of drip coffee where water is poured in a very steady and slow stream over a cone filter. This brewing style is highly customizable, allowing you to make a stronger or weaker cup of coffee, depending on your preferences.

We compiled a list of tips and tricks to making amazing pour over coffee at home:

Tip #1: Experiment with adjusting the variables

To truly understand the coffee brewing process, you must experiment. Try brewing the same coffee while adjusting the variables.  Adjust the grind size, the coffee-to-water ratio, the water, and even the temperature.  You will begin to understand the effect that each variable has on your coffee, will begin to develop a palate for distinguishing between over and under extraction of coffee flavors, and will inevitably become a better home barista.

Tip #2: Use quality water

Do not forget that water makes up over 98% of your coffee.  If your water tastes bad, so will your coffee.  Use clean filtered water to make good coffee.

Tip #3: Do not boil

Boiling water causes bitterness as it will burn the coffee.  The optimal temperature is 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using a kettle without a thermometer, use water that is at least 30 seconds off boil.

Tip #4: Preheat your equipment

Rinse the cone filter with hot water prior to brewing.  This serves to preheat the filter before use in order to ensure that a cold filter does not take out any heat from the finished coffee.  For best results, you can also preheat your serving glassware before use in order to maintain the coffee’s temperature.

Tip #5: Grind the beans yourself

Avoid buying preground coffee beans.  Instead, grind the coffee yourself to get the freshest cup of coffee each time.  Fresh coffee begins to lose its aroma as soon as you grind it.  The best tasting coffee is ground immediately before the brewing process.

Tip #6: Use the right grind

The appropriate grind should allow the coffee to finish dripping through the cone filter in 2.5 – 4 minutes. If the coffee is too coarse, the water will pass too quickly through the filter. If the coffee is too fine, the water would pass too slowly.  We recommend a medium grind to start. If your brew time is taking too long (over 4 minutes) or too short (under 2.5 minutes), it is time to adjust the grind.

Tip #7: Let it bloom!

Manual pour over technique requires the process of preinfusion or “blooming” to extract maximum flavor.  This step requires a small amount of hot water to moisten the coffee grounds before beginning the brewing process, allowing the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds.  The grounds will expand, releasing the most desirable elements that have build up during the roasting process. For an ideal bloom, we recommend to double the amount of water as coffee.


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